How to write and advice columns

Providing Advice to Others

Do you happen to be an instinctive provider of advice? If you are, you may consider beginning your personal advice column!

To create your personal advice column is straightforward, particularly with the assistance of the web. Nowadays advice columns have been arising left & right. The majorities of people provide advice, without actually tagging themselves to be “advice columnists.”

If you’re among the ones being fond of providing advice and wishing to gain knowledge of the way of beginning your personal column, here are a number of pointers on the way of doing that.

Do you wish being in it over a long run?

To create an advice column may appear to be great enjoyment. But there’s something you ought to be asking yourself– Do you wish being in it over a long run?

For a column to in fact take off and become a triumph, you are totally dependant on your readership. To build a strong, unyielding network of readers can be testing. Here are a number of things you require considering ahead of creating an advice column:

• Are you able to be constant in writing as well as issuing your advice column?

• Are you able to generate a stock mass of additional columns beforehand, to be ready for unexpected emergencies?

• Are you able to write wise advice which is not biased?

• Are you able to keep away from being used up by taking time off and cooperating in additional ways?

An advice column is able to turn out to be tiresome but at the same time testing in a lot of ways. It is also able to take much away from an individual on not being done over a lengthy span of time, which is furthermore the lone way for you to produce a large audience.

The persons who read your column wish you to be steady and right on point, at all times. So it is for you to decide. Do you wish being in it over a long run? Or is this merely a transitory fancy? On considering yourself to not being able to be reasonably constant throughout a lengthy time span, it is going to be hard to put together a readership, implying that your column is probably going to flop.

Gather Questions

Among the foremost steps to forming an advice column is the collection of questions from your intended audience. The speediest and simplest manner of doing this is to go at once to the resource, which is your audience, and begin checking out on them for queries. Learn the burning queries which they are having.

Below are a number of guidelines to assist you to collect questions:

• carry out a telephone inspection

• carry out an online opinion poll

• begin a list and collect queries from your subscribers

• Scan periodical covers belonging to your niche for queries that people have been having there

These are merely a small number of easy manners for you to collect questions.

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Know All About Weekly Advice Column

Before discussing what weekly advice column really is we should know what advice column actually means. Advice columns are columns that are published in the newspapers or magazines. These are written by advice columnist. Now these columns are published according to the publishing of the newspapers and magazines. Some of them are published regularly while some of them are published weekly. The columnist who writes in these columns can be male as well as female. In British English the columnist who are of the male sex are known as agony uncle and those who are of the female sex are known as agony aunt. This is because the advice giver should have an image as if they are of an old age and having much wisdom. The person giving the advice should be eligible enough to solve the problems of the people send their problem in the newspaper and magazines.

Now weekly advice columns are just the same thing. They are published once or twice a week unlike the daily columns that are published. Here the columns are published as a question of which the columnist replies to the asked questions. These questions are sometimes personal and these have to be efficiently answered so that the person’s problem is solved. The writer of the weekly columns may appear on a regular basis or occasionally. Sometimes many famous personalities also write in these weekly advice columns. Some of the well known names are Heywood Broun, James Reston, Murray Kempton, Walter Lippmann, F. P. Adams, Ernie Pyle, Westbrook Pegler and many others. Also some gossip columnists such as Liz Smith, Walter Winchell are also there to write in the weekly columns. These people who write in the weekly columns are generally journalists who write as a series in the magazines or the newspapers. There are also famous authors such as Chetan Bhagat who writes for the weekly magazine and gives advices for all the people. Sometimes these advices are meant especially for the youth while sometimes they are based on politics.

If someone has a subscription for the weekly magazines or newspapers then they will be able to see that many writers regularly that are their articles come almost every week. These weekly advice are normally of a humorous nature and in some cases the editorial board asks them to give advice on world problems and they should generally be of authoritative nature. The columnist who writes in the weekly advice columns are given the freedom to present an open opinion about the political and social institutions and also on various people as long as they are not criticized at their personal level. This freedom also depends on the independency of the publication. The readers who get to read these weekly advice columns expect to read the advices as a blog or an essay and not as an order type. Sometimes the writers who write in these weekly advice columns do not want to publish their names and that is why they use alias instead of their original names.

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A Letter Giving Advice

Writing a letter of advice can be a tough task. It can be fun and quite rewarding as well. But one thing that an adviser should keep in mind while writing a letter of advice is that he should be efficient in giving the advice because it deals with the problems of the common people. They should be careful in responding to the problems of the people. This is because some of the problems may be of a serious nature and the people can take it as the ultimate solution to their problem. If the person giving the advice is not sure about what advice he should give then he should politely reply to the person who is asking for the advice that he is not able to solve his problem so that the person may ask some other person about his problems.

Along with the advice that the person is giving he should be confident about his grammar so that his words are not interpreted in a wrong way. That is why the advice giver should always check his grammar and English in the thesaurus before getting it published. Some of the points that the person giving the advice should remember is that he should take some time and think about the matter on which he is giving the advice. If that person is confident enough then he should reply to the problem as soon as possible. The person should treat the other person with respect and should offer his advice as a helping hand to the problem no matter what he feels about the person asking the question. He should not be biased about the advice that he gives. The language that the person uses will define his character and therefore he should not use abusive languages and should not criticize the person asking the question. The advice that the person is giving should be concise and be to the point. It should not be irrelevant from the topic he is writing on. The advice should be written in such a manner so that it opens up ways for further conversation to take place. It should not be authoritative in nature. Before publishing the advice in any weekly magazine or newspaper the writer should proof read the article so that it is error free. If by any chance there are any errors then there may be a possibility that the advice can wrongly interpreted. This should not happen.

The style of writing should be simple enough so that the person reading it can easily understand what the other person that is the writer has to say. The advice that you are giving should validate the true self of the writer. This will help because it will attract the reader’s attention and they should be enthusiastic to ask more and more questions. The advice that the writer gives should be balanced in every way so that it does the emotions of the reader because many readers can be really depressed while they read the solution to their problems.

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Giving advice- some things to know before offering advice to anyone

Everyone whether accomplished, educated or with high opinion rates tends to be generous when it comes to giving advice. They probably mean well but in most cases, they do not weigh the outcomes of their generosity. People are all the same when it comes to giving advice. However, men feel more compelled to advice more than women. In most cases, what women want to do is vent their anger and frustrations about certain situations while men prefer giving advice so that they can fix the situation.

Most women have an ability of sharing information, experiences and insights, anxieties etc. without offering or giving advice. On the other hand, men normally have an innate need of solving problems. Even though it is rarely mentioned, there is a protocol that should be followed when giving advice. It does not matter whether it is personal or professional. The first thing is to not assert yourself as an all knowing person. Nobody really cares about the much that you know unless of course they know you care. In cases where you do not care whether the advice you will offer will change or enhance that person, do not bother offering it.

When giving advice, it is very important to show that you care about how the problem is affecting someone and also you have taken your time to understand the problem as a whole. You can accomplish this by enquiring on the root of the problem. Once you have portrayed yourself as a listener who is empathetic enough, ask the person with the problem whether they would want you to advise them. This way, you get the chance to gauge how sincere their interest is in receiving advice from you. Someone who is ready to receive advice will be more receptive to what you tell them. Also, if you as the advice giver take your time to understand and comprehend the context and backdrop of the problem, you are able to know whether you are qualified to give advice to the person who really needs it.

However, when all is said and done, you need to know that there is a difference between giving advice and knowing how to give it. When beginning to give someone advice, create an atmosphere that shows or portrays that there is no big or little problems. That normally helps break the tension and actually opens up a dialogue between the giver and the receiver of the advice. It is also good to acknowledge the fact that the person being advised has taken their time to come and talk to you since that shows that they are ready to be helped.

It is good to let the person receiving advice vent first as you listen closely and try to learn and get the situation as you also try and see what they might actually want to gain from you in the long run. One thing you should never do is giving advice when you haven’t established all the facts.

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